Julian Dale

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Julian is a former winner of the Huddersfield Young Composers' Competition, whose music has been broadcast on Radio 3 & Channel 4 TV. He has written for diverse professional & amateur groups, including a body of work in an extended-tonal idiom for amateur orchestras & string ensembles. A number of his works have prominent parts for double bass (his own instrument). He has also made string arrangments of a large quantity of music from Machaut to Satie. Sample CD on request.

The SCA online database currently lists 17 scores by Julian Dale.
Title Year Instrumentation Mins      Other Information                                         Audio View score Publ.
4 Miniatures for Double Bass & Piano 2003 Double Bass & piano 7-8 recording mvmt 2, 28 April 2006 SCA concert  listen N/A  
After the Yoruba 2 2000 Piano Trio 3   N/A N/A  
Album for viola & piano 2002 Viola & piano 11-15   N/A N/A  
Album for violin & piano 2002 Violin, Piano 11-15   N/A N/A  
Album for violin, cello & double bass 2000 Violin, cello, double bass 16-20   N/A N/A  
Eldritch Croon Tango 2004 Vln, accordion, pf, guitar, bass 4   N/A N/A  
Fantasia for cello & ensemble 2013 Cello + flexible ensemble 5-6 Aimed at amateurs + pro. soloist. Has been performed by COMA Southwest  N/A N/A  
Harvest Song 1985 String Orchestra 11-15   N/A N/A  
Miniatures 2006 Piano Duet 5-6 recording from SCA DIY concert 3 Feb 07.  listen N/A  
Nothing to Sing 2002 Choir + flexible ensemble 5-6 Aimed at amateurs. Has been performed by COMA South-West.   N/A N/A  
Parmi lesquels je n'etais pas 2002 Baritone & piano 4   N/A N/A  
Pater Noster 2003 Baritone & string quartet 5-6   N/A N/A  
Sixth Suite for Strings 2012 String Orchestra 16-20   N/A N/A  
Suite for strings 1991 String Orchestra 11-15   N/A N/A  
The Call 2003 Soprano + Piano 3   N/A N/A  
Three movements for cello & bass 2001 Cello, double bass 5-6   N/A N/A  
Two pieces for strings 2004 String Orchestra 9-10 There is also a version for string quartet.  N/A N/A  

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