...an interesting evening was had by all.
[Roger Jones]

My repeated use of the adjective "brilliant" here is quite deliberate!
Very well recommended.
[Ian Milnes]

Congratulations to the Alliance for putting on such a stimulating programme of this relatively little-known music.
Strongly recommended to enterprising listeners.
[Philip Scowcroft]

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2016-2017 season

Severnside composers
performing and directing their own music
Bristol Music Club St. Paul’s Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1LP

Friday 21 October 7.30pm
James D’Angelo - 3 Merton songs (1st perf).
1. Solitude
2. Song for Nobody
3. In Silence
Sulyen Caradon – “Gaia’s Grave”
3 songs for baritone and piano
1. Pine Forest (Wendy Cope)
2. The Inheritors (Gerda Mayer)
3. The Third Planet (Pater Jay)
Jolyon Laycock – 3 Shakespeare Sonnets
for high baritone & piano (1st perf.)
1. Shall I compare thee the summer’s day.
2. Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundless sea…
3. Let me not to the marriage of true minds…
Julian Dale – Death and other nonsense
for baritone & piano
1. The Dumps (William Blake)
2. The last leaf (O.W. Holmes)
3. Letters from God (Walt Whitman)
4. Batter (Thomas Hood)
5. Eagle forgotten (Vachel Linsay)
6. In a ditch (A.C. Swinburne)
7. I never loved (Thomas Hood)
Chopin/Laycock – Polonaise of Chopin
(declamation with music)
Raymond Warren – 4 Hardy Sketches
Steven Kings – selection from Fractions and Muscles

Performers: Jolyon Laycock - tenor; Julian Dale – baritone;
Clare Griffel, James D’Angelo; Steven Kings
& Alistair Dawes - piano.

Saturday 22 October 10.00am-4.00pm
"...Boulez is dead ‒ Boulez lives on…"
Celebrated French composer and musician Pierre Boulez died in January. In a series of talks and open seminars, leading West-Country composers discuss his influence on their music and on the state of contemporary classical music today.

10.00 registration and French breakfast
(coffee and croissants)
10.30 Intro and welcome; The Boulez legacy
10.50 Session 1: Clement Jewitt & Jolyon Laycock
11.45 coffee break
11.55 Session 2: Jean-Paul Metzger & Trevor Jones
12.45 lunch break
13.45 Session 3: Geoffrey Poole, David Greenhorne & Jean-Paul Metzger
15.15 tea break
15.25 plenary session
16.00 close of conference
The day will be interspersed with short video clips of Boulez himself talking about selected movements from his "12 Notations" for solo piano

Saturday 22 October 7.30pm
Tim Warren – sonata for flute and piano
Gilbert Biberian – Folklore II
5 movements for flute and guitar
Clement Jewitt – Dance Songs for recorder and guitar
David Greenhorne – Movements from River Book
Blasio Kavuma – Prelude for piano
Frank Harvey – 3 Humouresques for piano
John Pitts – Joyful Balaphony for piano duet
James D’Angelo – “Wounded Angel” for solo guitar
Jolyon Laycock – “Un Tiento Rasgueado” for solo guitar (Homage to Joaquim Rodrigo)

Performers: Daniela Acker, Frank Harvey,
Jolyon Laycock & John Pitts - piano;
Clement Jewitt - recorder; Blasio Kavuma - flute;
Gilbert Biberian – guitar.

Concert tickets £10 (£8)
Weekend pass £15
(includes both concerts plus conference)
Tickets will be despatched by 2nd class post
Tickets booked after 18/10/16 collect at the door
(Please bring your Paypal invoice)
Friday 21 October 19.30
Saturday 22 October 19.30
Weekend pass

St. Cecilia’s Day Concert
Madeleine Mitchell ‒ violin
Geoffrey Poole ‒ piano
St George’s Bristol,
Great George Street, (off Park Street) Bristol, BS1 5RR
Tuesday 22 November 2016 7.30pm

…One of Britain's liveliest musical forces, the indefatigably adventurous violinist, Madeleine Mitchell.
Richard Morrison, the Times
A violinist in a million,…staggering virtuosity and unparalleled musicianship.
Michael Tumelty, Glasgow Herald

Last year the celebrated international violinist Madeleine Mitchell invited SCA composers to write for her. So many outstanding works were received, in such a rich and fascinating range of musical styles that she and pianist Geoffrey Poole agreed to give two programmes. Following their memorable first visit in April, they return to play Olivier Messiaen’s impressionistic Variations, as well as works by Sulyen Caradon and Steven Kings, and the world premiere of Jolyon Laycock’s violin sonata "The Persistence of Memory" inspired by a painting by Salvador Dali ‒ a new programme that promises to be as inspirational as their first.

Tickets £12 (£9)

Tickets will be despatched by 2nd class post
After 18/11/16 tickets can only be booked at St Georges box office
Order Madeleine Mitchell tickets here

Thank you to our 2016 supporters!
We gratefully acknowledge the kind and on-going support of the Paragon Music Trust who administer funds left to them by the late Leo Reid Baker. Their financial support has greatly assisted the putting on of numerous SCA events.

New CD now available:
Landscapes in Sound ... £10
(plus £1 P&P)

Featuring music by David Simmonds, Jolyon Laycock, Sulyen Caradon, Andre Shlimon and Frank Harvey, recorded at Clevedon Court, Somerset, and Bristol Music Club.

August 2016
Jonathan Palmer
"Awake the voice"

Annual membership £25 (students £12).


In 2003, a number of composers based in the Bristol and Bath area got together to form the Severnside Composers Alliance with the aim of promoting performances of their own music, and stimulating a wider interest in the composition and performance of new music in the region.

SCA has some twentyfour concerts under its belt, attracting some excellent reviews. Dunelm Records have released two “stimulating” and “very well recommended” CDs (DRD0238 and DRD0243), and Poppy Records have released our third CD in October 2011. Local composers have given entertaining evening talks about their life and music, over a wine and nibbles.

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